It’s finally here! USCCA has just introduced their newest curriculum and I talk today with the developer of the course, Justin Peters.  Find out why you should take this class! I’m a recently certified instructor for this course and ready to bring it to my students! 

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How can you improve yourself little by little each and every day? We often get overwhelmed when we set a goal and focus on the long term but we can simply take one step every day to reach that goal and not become overwhelmed with the larger picture.  


This episode, I speak with Deb Ferns from the Babes with Bullets women’s shooting group as well as Alison Adams from A Girl and a Gun group and we discuss the benefits of the many female shooting organizations available including Armed Women of America which I am a chapter leader for in San Antonio, TX.   We want our listeners to know that you can participate in as many organizations as you like and be as involved as you like! The important thing is finding one and committing to your continued training.


This episode, I talk with Philip Toppino from W.O.F.T. training facility in Orlando Florida where we discuss his amazing program including real-life application of personal defense skills starting with something as simple as a flashlight. They teach you and identify your current systems and offer concepts to practice and sharpen your skills.  It is truly a personalized experience like none other!


This week’s episode is with Ed Monk from Last Resort Firearms Training.  We discuss how Math and Time are critical planning factors to Active Shooter response and what mistakes most schools are making with their planning and what should the focus be for schools and other organizations.  


In this episode, I speak with “JEDI” Scott Jedlinkski from the Samurai Project.  

We discuss the correlation between martial arts and the kinesiology of the body in relation to shooting.

The red dot learning curve and the essential 4 P’s to mastering the dot.

The importance of learning to grapple and learn the art of Jiu Jitsu.



During this interview with trainer Mike Ox, we discuss valuable tools to help you train smarter – not harder during dry fire practice! Plus we also discuss the correlation between playing an instrument and shooting! 

Mike (Ox) is an NRA, Rangemaster, and UTM Level 2 Mil/LE instructor who is certified as a Force Science Institute Analyst for human performance factors in lethal force encounters.  He is the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards, 21 Day Alpha Shooter, and several other courses.  His brain based firearms training currently helps thousands of shooters each year get better results in less time for less money.  While he is a master level IDPA shooter with a subcompact, he primarily uses IDPA, USPSA, and 3-gun as a stress inoculation tool.  His passion is training for self-defense shooting situations.  As a result of the unique effectiveness of the training, 60% of the clients we serve are current or former military/law enforcement with an emphasis on special operations personnel.

His website is



Interview with Karl Rehn from KR Training discussing changes in the firearms training business, the 1% statistic of those that continue training after receiving License to Carry and Realistic Minimums.



Join me in talking to Asst. Lead Instructor at KR Training John Daub about Outcome vs Process goals and how that applies to so many areas of our lives.  


Wayne is a former LEO of 25 years and currently works for Aimpoint.  He is a well-known firearms instructor throughout the industry.

We discuss Interactive Trigger Control as well as myelin production and how that affects our learning.  

Plus, a special “performance” bonus at the end you won’t want to miss!