Advanced Pistol Women Only

Class Fee: $125.00

When it comes to gun classes for women, it can be a challenge to find instruction that understands the need of women. You will likely find instruction “geared” to women, but that doesn’t mean they are gifted to teach women. This USCCA Advanced pistol course is for women only.


Classes are taught at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile

Class schedule is subject to change, some classes require a minimum class size.


The advanced pistol class is a defensive handgun course for those who want to further their skills with a handgun or are considering carrying a handgun for self-defense. This is not a basic firearms course. Students must already have an understanding of safe gun handling and be proficient with their firearms.

The class covers firearm safety, range safety, and personal safety. We practice basic handling, operation, reloading, malfunction clearances, and shooting skills with training guns “dry” in the classroom. The course concludes with a live-fire demonstration of skills learned in the handgun class through various shooting drills on the gun range.